Wow! What an amazing Labor Day for 2017! I am so thankful to everyone who attended, both guests and Artists. It was a week to remember with some great moments and new friends to share the memories with.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped to make this event happen! It starts with having Artists who are willing to commit to come and share their amazing talents with us. Then we need a venue, and the Hard Rock is so accommodating. Next it takes a box office to work all year long taking calls and reservations. Then on site we have a terrific crew, sound company, as well as all of the musicians who back up so many of the Artists. Finally… there are the guests… without whom there would be no festival!!! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for putting your faith in me to deliver the best musical vacation I can possibly provide to you. You have my commitment that I will continue to improve every aspect of the event year after year. As long as you keep coming – I will keep striving to deliver the best product possible!!!

That’s all for now… gotta get back to working on 2018!!!

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