This chart allows you to view the current seats that are booked / available.
To view the most current updated seats, be sure to refresh your browser.
Seats in RED are booked. Stage is at the bottom of the page.

:= new seatsio.SeatingChart({ divId: 'chart', publicKey: '648b961c-3c02-4f9d-aa48-0c49f9596424', event: 'CJF2020EMG', mode: 'static', cursorTooltip: { showActionHint: false, showAvailability: true, showCategory: false, showLabel: true, showPricing: false, showUnavailableNotice: true, stylizedLabel: true, }, objectColor: function(object, defaultColor) { if (!object.isSelectable()) { return "#B52D28"; } return defaultColor; } }).render();