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Package Builder Instructions
Before you begin, please familiarize yourself with the hotel & seating map by clicking on the boxes below.
For detailed instructions see below.
Hotel Map

Click on the image to see the hotel map.

Seating Chart

Click on the link to see the seating chart and current available seating.
2019 Seating Chart

Step 1 – Guests
• The price shown is the TOTAL entry level price for your entire party. To determine the per person price, divide the entry level price by the number in your party.
• Note that you can save on the per person price when you go as a group of 3 in a room.
• For parties of 4 we recommend booking 2 rooms.

Step 2 – Seats
• The venue is divided into 6 seating sections: GA (general admission), Bronze , Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Diamond Seating is designed as Cabaret style with tables that seat 4 people.
• You will only get to choose your seating SECTION at this time. Exact seat locations are assigned within 24 hours after your order is processed on a first-sold basis. You will be asked to submit your top 3 choices for seats after you receive a confirmation email from us.

Step 3 – Room Location
• The resort is spread out over 9 buildings and the festival divides them into building groups.
• Your entry level package includes a room in buildings 8 & 9. Exact locations of rooms will be assigned upon check-in and based on availability.

Step 4 – Pre & Post Nights
• Here you can choose to add up to 3 nights pre or post event.
• Use the drop-down menu to view the available options.
• Prices shown are the total price for the number of nights selected.
• Pre-nights include entertainment (Artists TBA).
• There are additional savings if you choose more than one pre-night. Each additional night includes a $50 savings.

Step 5 – Airport Transfers
• All packages include FREE roundtrip airport transfers to and from the hotel in a shared van or bus.
• Use the drop-down menu to view the available private vehicle upgrade options.
• This is your final step to make any changes to your package before adding to your cart.
• To make changes to any of your Steps simply click on their corresponding images.
IMPORTANT – If you change certain steps, some of your other selections may no longer be compatible and you will need to re-select certain steps to match your new selections. Otherwise the system will not let you add to your cart.
• When you are satisfied with your order, click the “Add to Cart” button.
Trouble Shooting FAQ’s
Q: Why can’t I add to my cart?
A: Check to make sure you don’t already have something in your cart. The system will only allow you to book one order at a time.
A: You may have accidentally selected mismatched guests / rooms / seats. This can happen if you have hit the back button in your browser and changed your configuration. The system will reset and you will have to start over.
Travel Plans
Q: What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in time is 3 pm.
Check-out time is 12 noon.
Q: What dates do I book my flights?
Arrival on October 4th, 2018
Departure on October October 8th, 2018
Q: Can I extend my stay?
If you wish to add pre or post nights to your stay, you can add them during the package builder process, or you can add them later.

Cart Help

Before you proceed to the checkout page, review your cart and enter any coupon codes you may have. Click on boxes below for detailed instructions.

To remove items from your cart and start over, click on the “x” in red on the left side of the cart next to the product you wish to remove.

• To enter a code, enter it in the “Coupon Code” grey box on the bottom left corner of the Cart. Once you enter the code click on the “Apply Coupon” button to the right of it.
• If your code is valid it will show up in the Cart Totals section.
• To enter an additional code, follow the same procedure above.

Pay in Full
Here is the main reason to pay in full:

  • Payment Plans cost $200 or 5%. So by paying in full you avoid the extra fee.

If you want to lock in your reservation now but only have the $500 deposit available, you can book as a payment plan and you have 30 days to pay in full to avoid the extra fee.

Payment Plan
• We are pleased to offer payment plans for an additional fee of the greater of $200 or 5%.
• To use our payment plan option, select it on the next “Checkout” page towards the bottom.
• Plan details are available on the Checkout page.
Split Payments
• Dividing payments on one order is available for an extra fee of $100 per split.
• If you wish to use more than one card to pay, you will need to call the box office to place your order.

Extra Night Help

Extra Nights
Click any box below to view detailed instructions on adding extra nights.

We highly recommend that you book your extra nights through us.

• The prices are pre-negotiated with the hotel at our group rate.
• If you do find lower rates please let us know, as they may not be valid for this event.
• Booking with an alternate company will cause you to have multiple confirmation numbers and may require you to move rooms during the festival.

Click on the image below to view all pricing.

(coming soon)


Check-in for the 4-night event is October 24th, 2019. Special group rates are available for up to 3 nights prior to October 24th. Each pre-night you add is $50 less to encourage you to arrive early!

• One Pre-night arrives October 23rd
• Two Pre-nights arrives October 22nd
• Three Pre-nights arrives October 21st

Pre-nights include entertainment and are priced slightly higher than Post (details on performers TBA).

To add extra nights:

• You can add these while you are booking your package conveniently in the “Rooms” step.
• Once you select your room type, you can add extra nights by scrolling down and selecting from the 2 drop-down menus.
• The first drop-down is for pre-event nights. The prices shown are the total for the no. of nights selected. Note that pre-event nights include entertainment and also have the incentive of being $50 less for each extra night you add.
• The second drop-down is for post-event nights. The prices shown are the total for the no. of nights selected.
• Click “Add to Cart”

If you wish to also add Post-Nights, stay on the page and proceed to “Post-Nights” instructions below. Otherwise you can click the  “View Cart” to review your selections and proceed to checkout.


Check-out for the the 4-night event is October 8th, 2018. Special group rates are available for up to 3 nights after the event.

• One post-night departs October 28th
• Two post-nights departs October 29th
• Three post-nights departs October 30th

Post-Nights do not include entertainment.

To add post-nights:

• From the first drop-down menu select “Post-Nights”
• From the second drop-down menu, select the room type that matches your existing reservation and number of guests.
• The price for 1 night will appear below
• Adjust the number of nights (up to 3) with the quantity button.
• Click “Add to Cart”

When you are satisfied, click the “View Cart” to review your selections and proceed to checkout.


Make sure you match your existing reservation room type and number of guests in the pull down menu in order to view and purchase the proper rates.

If your room type is mis-matched it will require you to change rooms during the festival. 

Payment Options


Pay in Full

• If you have already paid in full for your existing package, you will need to pay in full for the extra nights.

Payment Plan

• To purchase extra nights with a payment plan you must have a current plan in effect.
• When you get to the Checkout page you will have the option at the bottom of the page to select Credit Card, or Payment Plan.
• You will NOT be charged an additional payment plan fee. Your extra nights will be added to your existing payment plan and you will receive an updated invoice with the new monthly payments.